Saturday, June 13, 2015

*and so she woke up, woke up from where she was lying still, said I gotta do something about where we're going

Almost four years ago we put Griffin in a group home and it was the only thing left to do and also one of the hardest things. He was only 17 and it felt way too young. I had planned this for him at 21. At the time I was looking for accounts and personal narratives so I would feel less alone. There were very few.

The Mid has published my story, and you can read it here

It's not an easy read, but here on the other side and years later I know it is a good thing for him, not just the rest of us. Also, it wasn't all bad. Here is a few seconds clip of Jeff and Griffin telling a joke from the year before we placed him, which was a very hard year. 

*Running to Stand Still - U2

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  1. Hi,
    I read your story. Thanks for sharing it. I had a question for you if you don't mind answering it. You mentioned a regret of yours, of your wish that you had put things in motion earlier. Can I ask you how much earlier you had in mind? At what point in Griffin's life did you start to become scared enough as far as safety did you start thinking about having him not live with you? If you would rather talk about that privately I can be reached through my e-mail, I am a father or a boy named Bennett who has a diagnosis of Autism. Turns 10 this year. But everyday is a dance of aggressive behavior of some kind.