Thursday, January 24, 2013

And you shall have no pie

About 25 years ago I played the part of Francine in a stage adaptation of Beverly Lowry's short story "If You're Not Going to Stay Then Please Don't Bother to Come." Francine was a waitress at the Dairy Dude (basically the DQ) drifting through her life and eating a Sara Lee pie every day. She hooks up with a profoundly depressed man and when he appears to be recovering from his depression, murders him by bashing in his head with a frozen pie while he's in the tub. "And you shall have no pie" is one of her lines when she is contemplating being left.

Some frustrating and some awesome things here in faerie bride/ play house week. I am practicing my brand new pie crust skills. Tonight I made a cherry pie. It is awesome. I also made a garlic and arugula pizza (pie!).

Kid failed her driving test for the 3rd time. That was frustrating. I'm sick again. Also frustrating. Mostly though it's all pretty good. I like this role and wish I could do more than just try it on.

Tomorrow for the first time this week I have no obligations. Maybe I'll paint! Or curl up in a blanket and indulge my cold.

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