Thursday, March 12, 2015

Goats to Kill

My brain is a weird, weird place. Especially in the pre-coffee shhhhh don't talk to me, isn't it too early? times.  My husband, Jeff, often plays music in the house. Sometimes I tune in and sometimes it washes over me. At one point I tuned into my brain's internal glee club while waiting for the coffee to brew and realized that the brain radio was singing "Goats to Kill" to the tune of Guy Clark's "Boats to Build" which had been on heavy rotation here.
That Decemberists song "Make You Better" has been big for him lately. Brain Radio interpreted "I want you, thin fingers" as "I want you fish fingers" (and custard apparently - amirite Dr. Who nerds?) so there you go. My pre-coffee brain is a scary place.
So I got cast in this super cool show
and almost everyone cast had a cool site to hyperlink to except ME (and one other lovely) so I resurrected this blog which I took up (and abandoned because it's hard to be as open as you could be with the nice livejournal from circa 2003). But still - here I am, a middle aged middle manager with a (slightly) checkered past.
Are you wondering about honeysucklezilla? In 2000, when I started dating my husband, whom I had known for twelve years and never kissed, he wrote a poem for me and one line of it was "The girl I'm seeing now, her kisses are honeysuckle sweet and honeysuckle soft but still somehow strong....honeysuckleZILLA, feathery and nectary and knock you out like good tequila"
Yeah - the me I see through him? She's okay.
So I feel a change coming on. Things are brewing. By the way that Guy Clark song? Here are some more lyrics:
Days precious days roll in and out like waves
I got boards to bend I got planks to nail
I got charts to make I got seas to sail

yeah dude, even if they are pretty normal lyrics that don't involve sacrifice.

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  1. OOoo, I love this! This is pure Tonie. Can't wait to keep reading about your weird brain.