Saturday, May 2, 2015

*came into my life, made me think that I was really something

We are in Orlando, Florida and we just had "lunch" for several hours with my cousins, the wow y'all are just like us branch of the family. (Hi Hope!) We met at Padrino's and it was delicious. I had a Cuban sandwich, tostones, maduros AND flan because Florida. Because awesome. We all caught up and talked about fun things like travel and shows and hard things, like when your parents die, or it's time to transition a parent with health issues into assisted living. Last time I was in Florida was just a few weeks ago, when I came to Miami for my cousin Silvia's funeral. That trip was about loss, and grief, and goodbyes.

As it happens this trip is pure fun, a jewel of a day. We are seeing Joan Armatrading at the Plaza tonight. She doesn't tour much, and the last time we saw her was the first year we dated, during a brief but volatile time, when it didn't really look like we would be a long term relationship. Jeff bought me tickets to the show for my birthday. Patty Griffin opened. My heart that I was trying so hard to keep from him cracked open when we heard love song after love song about bliss and pain and hope and joy. When we got married a little over three years later we put Heaven by Joan  Armatrading on our wedding mix CD. What? You didn't make wedding mx CDs? Whatever. Next time you are gonna try to tell me you didn't get married in your own house, transforming your living room by putting all the furniture in the garage and setting up rows of white rental chairs, or that you didn't wear a red satin strapless dress. HOW GULLIBLE DO YOU THINK I AM?

If you don't know it, this is "Heaven."

I'm bringing some serious shoe game to the concert tonight. Guess which pair Jeff wants me to wear? The Bucco Italian heels or the Crocs?

He really wishes I would wear the Crocs and be able to walk for Also to be fair, he doesn't care that much. He just doesn't like for me to be in pain ever and these are straight up a pair of cruel shoes.

I also have this darling vintage straw handbag that was my Abuelita's, because adorable.

Oh, and Jeff bought me this frothy gypsy dress when we went to the Sherwood Forest Faire. I bought Jeff the blue guayabera shirt he's wearing when we were in Puerto Rico for our tenth anniversary.

 I'm all dressed up for a date with the man who still makes my heart beat faster and since it has been 15 years I'm going to go ahead and say that's probably a permanent thing. We are super lucky because Harrison can stay with his best friend's family for the weekend and have a ball, and if that hadn't worked out he could have stayed with his godparents, or our other framily members. When Jeff's mom's health was failing and we spent several weeks in North Carolina last year, Harrison stayed most of that time with his older sister Cassidy and was very well cared for. Yeah, we are really lucky, and I am  very grateful.

What I'm Reading - Just wrapping up the Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison. I am really sucked in but I can't say I recommend it because the characters are an unlikeable MESS. 

What I'm Watching - Wrapped up Vikings. Riveted by Mad Men. Watching the Flash with Harrison and it's really good. Super excited about cashing in our Christmas gift Alamo Drafthouse gift certficate plus babysitting from Hilary and Quentin so we can see the Avengers: Age of Ultron! 

What I'm Listening To: In the car with Harrison we are slogging through the last bit of Swiss Family Robinson. Perhaps we are in the great swampy middle part but I must say I am BORED and over it. Bored out of my carved it off a tree, filled it with sand and dried it in the sun gourd dinner plate.

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