Saturday, April 4, 2015

*spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape

Yay! If, hypothetically, you were planning to go on an Easter camping trip with some of the awesome people you went on an Easter camping trip with last year, and if when you were ready to go you checked and the forecast predicted thunderstorms, then what you need are generous awesome parents with a gorgeous house on Canyon Lake. Thanks for saving the day!

Boo - My friend's mom had a fall, and broke her face, and is mostly okay but it's still nerve wracking and tough. 

Yay - We just had a very elaborate 9 beer IPA tasting thing with fancy papers and beer wenches and statistical figuring. 

There were score cards...and tasting notes. 

Boo - people close to me are struggling with sadness and despair, and I am rooting for them, but there's not much I can do other than that. 

Yay - kids are cute and awesome, even mine with the scowly frown on purpose face. Also views are awesome. 

Yay - my friends are funny

Yay - tonight we will make an amazing meal and tomorrow we will hide Easter eggs for all the kids, and we will sip coffee and cheer them on while they hunt, and we will laugh and feel connected and awesome. 

Have you ever been a little sad then struggled with figuring out why? That was me today and it turned out it didn't matter why - there is always plenty of sad to spread around. Here's the awesome thing, all of us, together...begin. 

*The Cape - Guy Clark

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